Next Level Cybersecurity: Detect the Signals, Stop the Hack

NEXT LEVEL CYBERSECURITY is a bestseller and a book like no other. Even with more than $100 billion spent each year on security, attackers break in, stay hidden, and steal data or disrupt with ransomware. Can anything be done to stop the hack? The answer is, “Yes.” Intensive reviews of the world’s largest hacks uncovered the secret — detect attackers’ signals early. This book reveals what those signals are and shows how to detect them.

Next Level Cyber Security

Best Seller

In this game-changing book by Sai Huda, a globally recognized risk and cybersecurity expert, you will:

  • learn the Top 15 signals of cyber attackers’ behavior and activity;
  • understand how these signals can detect the attackers;
  • discover how these signals were missed and could have detected the attackers in the theft of 3 billion user accounts and in seven other world’s largest hacks;
  • find out how cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) are danger zones, and know what signals to look for;
  • see how to implement the signals in seven steps — with this method, you will detect the attackers early, stop the hack, and prevent damage.

Everyone is at risk. This book will help you take it to the next level so you can stay one step ahead. Cybersecurity is everyone’s business. To obtain the book, please visit Amazon.

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